Jun 02

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NCAA 14 Ultimate Team Details


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NCAA Football 14 is getting the Ultimate Team treatment. NCAA 14 Ultimate Team seems to be a hybrid between the current version of FIFA and Madden. Limited information is available but for the time being here is what is known via EA Sports’ official playbook:

  • Head-to-Head Seasons– Take your Ultimate Team Online and play your way eight increasing levels of competition, earning rewards along the way.
  • Collections– Get rewarded with big coin payouts, exclusive packs, and special player profiles by completing new challenges throughout the season.
  • Auction Block– Post and bid on items posted by Ultimate Team players around the world. Build your team from more than 1,400 of college football’s most iconic players.

Head to Head Seasons:

FIFA introduced this difficulty progression system for it’s online versus matches a year or two ago, and due to its popularity decided to incorporate it into its Ultimate Team mode (both single player and multiplayer) as well. The current announcement that NCAA will utilize the same structure, as well as NHL adopting its own similar system likely means this system is here to stay. Meaning that it can be expected that Madden will adopt something similar; if not identical and that the rumored EA NBA series will include something similar as well.

Head to head seasons are simple, you are given X games to earn Y points or reach a certain threshold. You start off playing playing worse opponents either in the form of weak AI / bad overall teams in single player or if online individuals who happen to reside in the same skill bracket in that moment in time. You play and work your way up the ladder. When the season is completed you will either stay in the same level, be promoted to the next level of AI/human competition , or even possibly be demoted to the level below. As you rise or fall the rewards fluctuate accordingly in terms of coins, packs, etc.  Assuming NCAA’s system works anything similar to FIFA’s you will play “Seasons” of probably 10-12 games. Since NCAA does not have ties/draws (unlike FIFA) it will more or less be on a win/loss basis.

Collections and Auction House

These two features are more or less staples of Ultimate Team and require much less explanation. Collections come out on a regular basis and require a user to give up a certain amount of players usually with some sort of theme (same school, position, etc.) for a coin reward and a rare, and usually better player to either use or sell.

The auction house is simply where people put up cards that they are looking to sell. So this is where you can make in game money to improve your team, or if you have enough save up to either buy your favorite player or that difference maker to help you out in your seasons.

So with Ultimate Team continuing to broaden its scope across the major sports; what are your hopes for NCAA Ultimate Team. What do you think NCAA can bring to the Ultimate Team landscape?

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